Stop The Sweeps SC

Towards ending all forms of state violence and opression


We are a revolutionary anti-capitalist organization against state oppression and violence. We are committed to unifying our communities, uplifting the oppressed, and defunding the police.

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Find us on instagram @stopthesweepssc

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Santa Cruz People´s Kitchen

Food for all! The revolution will be fed! Direct commnunity action funded by the people & for the people.

Democratic Socialists of America

Political Organization

Santa Cruz Mutual Aid

Local network of mutual aid projects for community members´ needs! We take care of each other <3

Food not Bombs

Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs shares free food everyday at Laurel and Front Weekdays 1-4pm

The Hub for Sustainable Living

The Hub is a community center at 703 Pacific Ave & non-profit organization in Santa Cruz, CA.


SubRosa is a collectively run anarchist community space in Santa Cruz, CA.

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